Introducing Mastery

Mastery is a comprehensive knowledge or skill in a particular subject or activity. In 2009, a horse called Mastery won the World’s Oldest Classic, The St Leger Stakes. In 2017, Doncaster Racecourse sets out to honour both of these definitions with its new private hospitality facility, The Mastery Restaurant. DON065 Mastery Restaurant - FB POST 5Carefully positioned to provide an extraordinary view of the winning line, guests will have use of an exclusive lawn rolling from the restaurant doors to the running rails. Inside, diners are treated to welcome drinks upon arrival and a three-course chef’s buffet followed by after-lunch coffee. Guests will then to soak up the atmosphere of Yorkshire’s biggest raceday as world-renowned horses and jockeys take to the turf just meters away. Also included are a light afternoon tea and a cash bar with full table service, making the Mastery experience a fully inclusive and unforgettable day out.

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